Lawyers Hub Moderation:  Forensics, Evidence Preservation & Referral Pathways on SGBV Webinar. Many SGBV cases fail to proceed to trial or succeed because of poor collection and preservation of evidence. In this session we get insights from Dr. Kizzie Shako, the first female police surgeon, on medical care for survivors of SGBV.
Gender-Based Violence: As we ride the 3rd wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, cases of violence against women continue to permeate the country more so sexual gender based violence. To alleviate the rate of S/GBV and sensitize society, it is important to have conversation and engage around the same.
Child Protection and Sensitization on procedure at the police station and hospital gender desk: Young girls and women were disproportionately affected by GBV. On Radio Rahma I discussed child protection and sensitize listeners on the procedures at the police station and hospital gender desks for GBV survivors.